We have escaped from our old ways and values, that held us so highly when the Hopi first appeared on this land. The values that worked for us at the beginning has not grown with our advances and our technology. Technology comes quick and in bursts, which can far out date a modern, growing civilization quickly. We are lost as a society but definitely headed in the right direction.


So slowly as mother earth and all life suffers from it. Humans are a beautiful creation but like a virus can be parasitic to one another and uncaring. This works well in a world of survival of the fittest, but we humans should take our place among the caretakers of not just this earth, but the moon and other planets, life and civilizations.

How do we make sure our values are maintained and evolved as fast as technology grows?

We can’t, but we can really try to keep up. We are doing this in many ways. Crime and prisons are a human way to deal with the issues of disobedience. We have a good strategy if we are looking at how efficient the system is when you lock someone up, but if they basically use jail as a school and eventually are released, what type of guide are we giving them? Where is the human component?

At the basic levels, we need to introduce the old tribal systems in to our new efficient models. We need to bring back the human component at the sentencing. When an individual is being convicted of a crime, they should be a group of people who talk to him about the root issue. Not just punishing him for his wrong doings, but trying to figure out why he is doing wrong in the first place and help him through this stage. Why was he doing drugs? How close is he to his family? What peers does he/she look up to? We need to take the guidance counciling to a new level.

We need to become friends and become closer to one another. Humans have an innate ability to block out others pain, to ignore suffering. This served us well as we evolved. But now we must decide if we are apes or do we want to be angels. Our path is to the stars and we need to take our rightly place in this global civilization, so let us be ANGELS and caretakers of all life and eliminate suffering!

We must get to know each other and a basic level, take the time, make the effort.

If we do not know the criminal, its up to them to fix themselves. If they don’t have the capacity or will to do this, we need to not only try to guide them in a positive direction but also get to know their problems and care. We are caring more as a society, as this new age of enlightenment dawns on mankind. This age of the information and sharing…

It can lead two paths, we must chose.

It is in our destiny to eliminate the suffering of all. And when ALL is mentioned, that doesn’t just mean human, but animal suffering, life suffering and planet suffering. In time all this will be eliminated.

A wise man must speak out! We are not listening or using our elders, for guidance as we should in this society. Old people are an asset which is wasted by most men. When it is used, its through war and that is old men sending young men off to die, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

- An eye for an eye, tooth for tooth. If that were true, we would all be eyeless and toothless people

What else can be done in our prison systems?

No clear model has been successful at this point but we should introduce the human component in to our prison systems. How do you expect the guard to care that criminal who just spit in his face, how do he care about the criminal. We are so far separated from one other, we have to come together.

But how do come together? Do we have to wait for 911? Do we have to wait for a nuclear 911 until people start to actually change? History shows the heart of the human is strong and just, but it is very late to act, disbelief that something is broke and hard to admit when one is wrong. Its in our nature!

How do we then try to reform a prison system of such separation? It seems to simple to be true, but we must introduce the human component. And we must do this before something happens because we will eventually do it. Our prison systems are used to house the inmates, but not used efficiently to either solve the problems of the individuals or to actually use them as a work force.

Religion is good to have as a base for some in prisons and this must be used as a door.

Weight lifting is used to keep them strong physically but offers not guidance or direction. Martial arts should be introduced to eventually teach discipline, honor and a righteous path. We need to keep them busy with positive things, good role models and caring people. We need to introduce the human component.

There is no use trying to take the drugs away from a person who wants to do drugs. They will find it. And when you eliminated all sources of drugs, they will make new ones. This is because their energy is simply focused in the wrong direction.

Do not try to defeat the reaction, but just guide and control the reaction. The key is to eliminated the reasons why they are taking the drugs in the first place. And this can be a time consuming task! Are we up to it as a society? Its vital for our survival!


When we let someone go after they have committed a crime and served their time, where do they go? What do they do? What part is our prison system invested in knowing an individual after they have left the system. It is sad, but there is next to nothing that we do in this instance. We must introduce a human component. This is another role that elders can play in our society.

Imagine if the elders of our society, the most balanced individuals could be used to teach this people. To give them a home.

We must get to know one another and help each other… its a simple as that.